Serendipity Bay, Foster Hall, Saint John, Barbados
Peace, Tranquility, Beauty - Serendipity Barbados

Breathtaking Views

Where ever you turn, there’s always a marvelous view to behold.

Southern View

To the south of the bay is an awesome view of plant life. There you’ll see lots of greenery such as spectacular gullies, a wide range of flora and harmless animals. If you enjoy farming or just the panorama of it, you’re in for something special. Farm life is nearer than you think and easily accessible. These farms are the homes to animals such as cows, goats and our well-known black belly sheep. And if you come at the right time, you’ll see the harvesting sugar cane which is our islands major crop. Be sure to watch out for the magnificent sunrise and sunset every day.

Eastern View

You’re in for a very fantastic view of the ocean. Beaches such as Bath and Martins Bay will meet your eye with golden sand and spectacular waves. These and many more of our island’s beaches are great for beach combing, surfing and swimming. This side of our island is marvellous for scenic rides. Its appealing views also offer numerous places for touring like our last remaining working wind mill: Morgan Lewis Mill, and areas for hiking such as Mount Hillaby, and the Scotland District.

Western View

If you want to get a good look of our rural villages, the western view will offer you just that. Even though our little paradise is getting more developed, you’ll still see some of the past such as chattel houses and rum shops. Views of chalky mount where all local pottery originates flow into the sand dunes and the end of the beach called pico tenneriffe a great place to explore. Not only does the Eastern view give beautiful sights of the blue seas and beaches, so does the western view as well.

Northern View

Though this is the furthest of our country side there are views that will keep you in wonder; for example our picture perfect crystal-clear ocean, marine life, a colourful landscape, pure blue day skies and starry night skies. Occasionally you’ll see cruise liners and other boats making their way to the Bridgetown port or out to another island.