Serendipity Bay, Foster Hall, Saint John, Barbados
Peace, Tranquility, Beauty - Serendipity Barbados


Serendipity Bay and numerous neighboring bars and restaurants offer you the finest in local cuisine, specially fish fry and grilled styled. From our national dish to a simple delicacy, you will be guaranteed to crave for the best of Bajan foods.


Our buffet is made up of several local dishes to choose from. We even provide you with the opportunity to roast breadfruit on your own outside the grill – a way of letting you experience part of our food culture hands-on. Weekly and daily buffets are also available at places like Fisher Pond Great House, Atlantis, Edgewater, Round House, Lemon Arbour, Bonita Bay, The Cove, Orchid World Cafe, and Sand Dunes Cafe, restaurants.