Serendipity Bay, Foster Hall, Saint John, Barbados
Peace, Tranquility, Beauty - Serendipity Barbados

Cultural Experiences

In the surrounding areas of Serendipity Bay are several places that you can enjoy to the fullest. From touring historical sites such as Harrisons Cave and Andromeda Gardens; to just visiting the rum shop, come and experience the unique style of Barbadians and their culture.

Rum Shops

Rum Shops are a distinctive feature of Barbados. And there are several surrounding Serendipity Bay. There you’ll find our very own prestigious Mount Gay Rum and Banks Beer. Don’t just tantalise your taste, enjoy your visit there!

Fish Market

If you’ve never been to a fish market, make your first time in Barbados when you visit Serendipity Bay. Not only does the busy atmosphere give you a different feeling but the comradery among our good-natured vendors would make your visit worthwhile. Come and see the processing for purchasing of seafood such as flying fish, tuna, dolphin, jacks and snapper, just to name a few.


If you love surfing, you could make it your business to ride and enjoy the sweet waves at Bath or the Soup Bowl on the East Coast. It’s only a few miles away. If you stay with us especially during the summer, you will be lucky to see our island surfers – amateur, potential, and professional – riding the waves the best they can.

Historial Sites

Our country is made up of several historical sites such as Sugar Factories, Animal Flower Cave, Wildlife Reserve, Andromeda Gardens, St. John's Church, Codrington College, Harrison's Cave, Farley Hill, Sunbury Planation, St. Nicholas Abby, Gun Hill, and Bridgetown. So come and be in awe of the preservation of our past.