Serendipity Bay, Foster Hall, Saint John, Barbados
Peace, Tranquility, Beauty - Serendipity Barbados


When you’re on a vacation at a nice villa or hotel, there’s more than just having food or housekeeping at your advantage, you can have your own private chef or personal driver. Serendipity Bay offers that and a wide range of remarkable services to satisfy your needs!

All services available upon request.


At Serendipity Bay we take value in catering and satisfying your taste with exquisite cuisine and delicious delicacies. Just name it and we bring it!

Private Chef

At Serendipity we offer this culinary service to enhance the experience, catering to all your needs is what we strive for. So that you can, enjoy, relax and indulge!

Food & Beverage Stocking

Basics to gourmet items specifically requested can be arranged and stocked into the pantry prior to arrival in any of the available varieties, from fresh local produce to more exotic fare.


In an Island and location such as Serendipity there is nothing to be afraid of. However, some guest have concerns for their safety and we respect their comfort by providing the best service available.

House Keeping

Serendipity Bay offers impeccable housekeeping. We take special care in looking after your rooms and making sure that each visitor has a comfortable stay.

Personal Driver

Whether it is touring the island or visiting friends or family, during your stay, Serendipity Bay takes the pleasure of providing you with your own chauffeur wherever you want to go.

Car Rentals

Sightseeing is very popular in our island – Barbados. That’s why Serendipity Bay offers you that chance to tour our beautiful paradise with an incredible car rental service.

Vacation + Event Planning

Vacation and Event planning are two primary ways of accommodating our visitors. With excellent facilities and outstanding services, we ensure that your time is worth having at Serendipity Bay

Hair & beauty

While you are staying, don’t forget to get yourself pampered! Indulge yourself in getting your hair done or the beauty make over you’ve always wanted. It’s always pure bliss at Serendipity Bay.

Personal Trainer

If you’re a regular at being fit, just beginning or getting back into that old habit, make no exception in utilising our personal trainer to help you keep those joints in place.


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