Serendipity Bay, Foster Hall, Saint John, Barbados
Peace, Tranquility, Beauty - Serendipity Barbados


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The feeling of having the bright sunshine upon you before everyone else on Barbados is truly regenerating in itself. The quiet views bring out your inner thoughts and peaceful reflections. Truly an invigorating and renewing experience that recharges the batteries within your heart and soul!!

Geoffrey Evelyn (Chief Executive Officer, Trimart Supermarkets)

Being as it was my 21st birthday, I wanted to do something exciting and different. Serendipity was perfect! Having a secluded house overlooking the east coast with just friends and family with a fired up barbecue in the garden and drinks flowing. It was better than I could have ever hoped for and more!

Vanessa Marshall

All I wanted was some peace to clear my head. I chose Serendipity Bay and I loved every minute of tranquility. I loved it so much I had to invite my friends to experience it with me. Whenever I am overworked and need to calm down I think of being in the patio or swaying with the breeze in the hammock and it shakes the stress off my shoulders. I already have my next visit booked and count down the days until my return to Serendipity my home away from home. They say home is where the heart is and my heart will forever be connected to Serendipity.

Damian Grant

I couldn't ask for a better venue for my wedding definatley way past my expectations. The view was gorgeous, staff were delightful and the catering all arranged by Serendipity made my wedding perfect. Binding my love for my husband was the experience and love I felt all around me. My whole wedding party was impressed, after all you only get one chance and we did it with style!

Lady of Horton

Tall hotels in huge cities with lots of people and busy traffic got very tiresome, so I needed somewhere peaceful, where I could relax my body and calm my mind. Serendipity Bay offered me both, including beautiful surroundings, and of course a chance to get away from so many vehicles and people as well. It was an incredible opportunity and wonderful experience never to be forgotten.

Kate Johnson

Simply remarkable! Many moments were treasured especially the ones when our family were all together. Since business trips normally separates the family for the majority of the year, a place like Serendipity Bay with its serenity and colourful atmosphere bonded us much closer together than we’d least expected.

Rose Jones

Five words: relaxing, environmentally-friendly, and satisfying! Without a doubt I will be returning

Brad Smith

Believe it or not, it was utter romance for me and my hubby! I don’t know if it’s from the surroundings, welcoming service or simply his love for me, but I enjoyed it to the max! When there was enough resting for us, thankfully we took the pleasure in riding around the country and visiting historic places. But everything just turned out to be so romantic!

Lucy Taylor

I couldn’t ask for a more undisturbed birthday present!

Matthew Brown

I would encourage anyone, when there is too much confusion in your life and you so badly want to spend time alone and enjoy the environment, don’t let your mistake be renting a one room apartment or some suite in some big hotel in a crowded metropolitan area, find someplace where it surroundings can offer you more than peace, but cool breezes, wonderful sunshine, and friendly people. Serendipity Bay offered me that and much more!

Chloe Clark