Serendipity Bay, Foster Hall, Saint John, Barbados
Peace, Tranquility, Beauty - Serendipity Barbados

Tropicial Lifestlye

Staying on a tropical island means that there are plenty organic foods and plants to delight in. Therefore, there is no doubt that you be able to get the freshest catch from the bay below and pick your own fresh fruits of vegetables and flowers to decorate the table with or just to smell!

The Gully

The magnificent gully near our bay houses some of our tasty fruits, is a habitat to several of our island’s animals and offers excellent shade from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. You’ll enjoy the sweet sound of birds, our country’s indigenous animals such as the green monkey, and wind rustling through the trees, both small and gigantic. You can even shout to the top of your voice and see how many times you can hear your echo.

The Orchard

Our colourful orchard not only adds desirable beauty to the landscape but is one of our sources of production of some of our local juicy and mouth-watering foods. Delicious fruits such bananas, coconuts, and mangoes will be found hanging off their trees. They are superb for smoothies, punches, fresh juice drinks, cakes, and other delicacies. Every day there is always something to take away from the orchard.

The Patio Perch

If you want to feel the fullness of our cool breezes, and sunshine, spend time on our spacious luxurious patio, in the finest of patio furniture. This can be used for dining, entertainment, breakfast and supper as well. You’re also in for a bonus – an excellent lookout on the landscape during the day and at night.

Flower Garden

This place is unbelievable, words could hardly explain. Laden with various plants and beautiful flowers of many kinds, our flower garden is ideal for table and room décor plus natural aromas. Whether you’re in love with nature or not, our flower garden is irresistible for random picture taking photo shoots, wedding photos and lots more. As the picture perfect background with wonderful view of the ocean, of which you would occasionally see birds hovering over, accentuates our flower garden is also perfect for outdoor activities.